DMS Active



MartiniSPA is an Italian producer that has successfully established itself Worldwide in the field of Body Care and Home Care products over the last 50 years.
The company offers products Made in Italy of various materials among which cellulose and polyurethane. However, MartiniSPA’s biggest pride is the unique internally developed X-Pand technology, that allows to infuse the sponges with trendy cosmetic ingredients.
To.Go is a versatile, practical and elegant line for contemporary consumers on-the-go, active and never still. Fitness enthusiasts, eternal travelers seeking a complete and gratifying wellness experience wherever they are.
Today MartiniSPA is a protagonist of the sponge production market and the Italian leader in the sector of body care accessories. Our production includes, besides body sponges (of differing shapes, colors and, from now on, perfumes), brushes, strips, gloves.
MartiniSPA has a solid expertise in the development of Private Labels, including the most modern technological equipment, production flexibility and continuous research and innovation.

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