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MMA Coffee

United Arab Emirates

MMA Coffees is a local based company out of Dubai. It offers the fines Arabica Beans from Ethiopia, Colombia, Guatemala and Kenya. Our beans are locally roasted to perfection.

The concept of MMA Coffees came from Mix Martial Arts. We have 3 signature coffees.

The first one is Ground and Pound, which is our best seller, it is Kenya Gitura AB. This coffee is strong and is used mostly for espresso and filtered coffees. It’s has a cup profile of blackcurrant, grape, tropical and citric fruits acidity. Light bodied with hints of cacao aftertaste.

Submission is coffee. It’s a mild coffee. That’s not to strong, with a cup profile of blueberry, jammy violet with a creamy mouthful with a slight acidity.

Technical Standup is medium coffee made from Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Arabica beans. It’s for that quick pick me up. It’s has a cup profile of strawberry candy floss, stewed apricot, dark toffee. Full body, creamy mouthfeel, and delicate acidity.

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