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We are a company founded 1999 which specializes in the production of very high quality sports nutrition, Our dynamic team  come from various disciplines in professional sports nutrition, from a scientific background, and experts in healthy food research.

We have set ourselves the goal of making products available to professional and fitness enthusiasts , women, children, and elderly.

And we only have one mission.

We will make your life better. Healthier, stronger, more concentrated, more successful with the right products perfectly tailored for everyone.

Whether you want to improve your performance, don’t want to feel any more joint pain, would like to have more strength in everyday life, or would you like to focus on your performance at school? SSA Supplements will help you to achieve your goal.

We will make your life better.

SSA Supplements 

CONTACT person: 

 Mr. Bernd Czabaun 

+49 172 4355849

+49 6021 4486443

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